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What is a Poweshift transmission ?

The Powershift gearbox developed by Ford is a dual-clutch design. The gearbox has six gears and two independent clutches. Powershift works similarly to Volkswagen DSG gearboxes, while driving, one of the clutches handles the even gears, while the other handles the odd gears. Both clutches are hydraulically operated. In smaller Ford vehicles, dry clutches controlled electrically by means of special motors or by an electromagnetic system were used. The gearbox is characterized by high quality, smooth shifting and reduced fuel consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of repair and regeneration of powershift clutch or powershift gearbox depends on which element will be subjected to our service. We can regenerate the dual mass wheel itself, powershift clutch, powershift gearbox or gearbox controller. We can also comprehensively deal with all these elements that make up the boxes as a whole. The best solution in this regard is to contact our specialists, because answering the above question requires dispelling a few additional doubts. Only then can we answer how much you will have to pay for the repair and regeneration of the powershift clutch or powershift gearbox, or each individual component.

Another very important issue is whether we provide a warranty after the repair and regeneration of powershift clutches and powershift gearboxes. Well, there can be only one answer to such a question, we provide such a guarantee.

After the professional repair and regeneration of the powershift clutch and powershift gearbox, these components have full technical values ​​and functional efficiency with the parameters of a brand new part. Therefore, their service life, assuming the current driving style and the way the car is used, will be at a level similar to the original components.

When the powershift clutch and powershift transmission are repaired and rebuilt, these parts are exactly the same as when they left the factory. Repair and regeneration activities in relation to powershift clutches and gearboxes do not change their technical parameters in any way.

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I am very happy with the service. Changing the gearbox was quick and professional. My car is like new. Thank you guys!
Sophia Jones

Very professional help. Efficient replacement gearbox at a reasonable price, probably the cheapest mechanic in Bristol.

Harold Green

I’m surprised how quickly the problem with the car was fixed. I highly recommend it to anyone who cares about time and money.

Grant Harvey

I don’t know much about cars, but thanks to the guys from Bristol Gearbox, we found a solution that saved my car. Highly recommended!

Kate Lewis

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